Teacher Training & Coaching

In-Service, Practicing Teachers, and Coordinators
  • Planning for instruction
  • Using interactive teaching methodologies
  • Being eclectic and student-centered
  • Preparing different types of assessment
  • Integrating culture into curriculum
  • Managing your classroom
  • Doing action research & managing change
  • Becoming a better decision maker
Coaching teachers becoming administrators
  • Leadership and curriculum design
  • Action research and portfolio assessment
  • Meetings and future planning agendas

Student Support

Children ages 9 - 19

Your child has good potential, yet s/he

  • does not study enough,
  • needs little help,
  • needs study skills reinforcement

  • provides language support and study skills
  • creates communicative learning environments that are
    • based on needs assessment
    • communicative in nature
    • conductive to better learning
Pre-college orientation: 2-hour session

Languages: Arabic and English

Arabic for Heritage, non-native speakers and business people

You speak Arabic and you want to read and write it;

You speak English or French and you want to

  • take a conversational course
  • do business in the Arab world
  • develop cultural communication skills
English as a Second or Foreign  language (ESL/EFL):
  • Provided in different levels and formats
  • Can be tailored
  • Placement test is mandatory


Nahida El Assi is an ESL project manager (program evaluation, writing course syllabi, designing new courses), teacher trainer, materials writer and Lecturer at the University of Montreal. She has been Chair of the Humanities and Languages Department in multiple universities and has solid experience in policy-making, curriculum development, and implementation.

Her main interests are educational development and modernization, excellence in teaching, and performance assessment. She has done a considerable amount of research, some of which are published in international and regional journals and presented in international conferences. Nahida’s research has been recognized with awards from different educational institutions.

Nahida is a well-versed lecturer with effective lesson planning, modern teaching methodologies, student-centered and interactive teaching, individualized support, and multiple teaching styles. She has taught a variety of humanities and language courses, such as Public Speaking, Cognitive Development, Role of Play in Child Development, Research and Methodology, English Composition and Rhetoric, to mention a few.

Current interests are teacher training and coaching programs for K-12 teachers in general, and language teachers in particular; language of instruction vs. personal identity; multiculturalism and social integration; and the importance of online, hybrid and flipped classes.

Education is her passion. With the mindset of innovators, we can all create a network of likeminded educators seeking educational development for all.


  • Educational Management and Administration
  • Master’s degree: TEFL/ Education
  • Teaching Diploma TEFL/ Education
  • BA & Teaching Diploma in Teaching the English Language and Literature


Theoretical: Professional Identity, Personal Development for Teaching Success; Teaching experience vs. Leadership Development


Classroom observation; performance evaluation; materials writing; online teaching & assessment; creating & using educational videos and digital learning environment; using concept maps & AVs;


Program assessment, redesign and development; teacher training; designing formative and summative assessment; teaching culture; using various approaches to teaching: Problem-based, competency-based, and integrated approaches; coaching transitioning teachers

LANGUAGES: English, Arabic, French

INTERESTS: Travelling, intercultural activities, reading, painting, photography, playing tennis

Since 1993


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