About Us


The world will be a better place if learners are given the best learning opportunities and educational tools to assume their role in the worldwide community. This can happen only in the presence of qualified dynamic educators who are capable of creating environments for diverse learners to achieve excellence and use newly acquired skills in their pursuit of lifelong learning.



Our Approach


EdEmpowerment has a team of resourceful guides committed to professional ethics, respect diversity and are dedicated to promoting mastery learning. They are capable of equipping learners with lifelong skills, strengthening their individualism as well as their team spirit, and improving their socio-cultural competencies. Doing so, they promote learners’ capacities to interact effectively in a variety of academic and social environments, further their cultural dialogue, and enable them to make their future choices.



To make the vision and mission statements more transparent, EdEmpowerment courses are fulfilled through:

  •  Modeling openness to new ideas.
  • Triggering inquisitiveness.
  • Upgrading critical thinking skills.
  • Promoting interactive teaching/learning environment.
  • Utilizing effective communication skills.
  • Cultivating a desire for continued learning.
  • Encouraging learners to engage in independent learning & become problem solvers.
  • Providing opportunities for a better understanding of the world's diverse cultural heritage.
  • Encouraging careful examination of the effects of technological change on human behaviour, society, value systems and ethics.

Our Story


.          MAR7ABA.

My name is Nahida El-Assi and I’m a program developer, teacher trainer, materials writer, consultant and lecturer. I provide my trainees and learners with the tools to succeed. I help them discover their own potential, envision and implement their individual development plan, and advance in planning for their future with confidence and optimism.

I am a Certified ESL/EFL Professional, have an MA in TEFL and PhD in Educational Management and Administration. I’m a regular contributor to TESOL International Organization, guest speaker at Radio Middle-East program “Ma 5elset l7kayeh”, and volunteer supporter for the IBE good cause, workshop designer, and public speaking trainer.


Nahida El Assi is the founder and CEO of EdEmpowerment. As a motivational teacher trainer, coach and language teacher, her approach to teaching is unconventional, eclectic, inspirational and fun. Big percentage of her trainees has been enrolled in renowned schools and universities. Some of them are still pursuing their higher studies in international universities.